About Us

About Us

Welcome To The Student Campus e-Magazine

Hi...!! I am "The Student", your friend. I am one of the many evaporated ideas developed by the students of IIIT Basar. I took birth in July, 2011 in a casual chat between some naughty friends. I am being published with a mission to inculcate awareness about everything, to everyone. The main reason behind my origin is to invite direct articles from the students and staff, so that they could be read by many and inspire or change others. Speaking frankly, I am being published with a motto to make IIIT's more sophisticated than IIT's, because internal campus magazines played a great role in molding them. I can say that I am 60% succeeded in doing my job, for evidence have glance at previous editions and they stood as poof to it. Still it will take some time and space to cover only Campus issues/news/events. My sincere advice to you is that, after going through me, you should not confine yourself to just reading, but for the proper implementation of all the ideas. Then I'll be very happy. Hope this mission would succeed.

Welcome To The Student e-Magazine

  • My Aims/Objectives:

  1. To plough and extract the already existing creativity among the students.

  2. To develop analytical, thinking and writing skills.

  3. To create research oriented minds.

  4. To bring awareness about what's going in and around our campus

  • My Guidelines for YOU to write articles:

  1. There are no restrictions for writing articles.

  2. It is not necessary that the articles are related to particular field.

  3. Articles related to our campus are given more preference.

  4. Articles concerning current issues are given more preference. (Ex.: Choosing breadths, Anna Hazare, World Economic Blackout, etc.)

  • Current Fields in The Student e-Magazine:

  1. On Campus

  2. Campus Talk

  3. Editorial

  4. Quick Take

  5. Leisure Page

  6. Silly Point

  7. Campus Sports

  8. Campus Environment

  9. " The Student " Art

  10. Language & Literature

  11. Career & Guidance

  12. Coffee with Alumni

  13. My Experience

  14. Technology

  15. Science Updates

  16. E-Tech

  17. How It Originated ? (Organizations like, Ex: Apple, Wikipedia, Google)

  18. How Things Work ?

  19. Mathemagic

  20. Reviews (on Movies, Books, Motivational videos summary like TED)

  21. Educational

  22. Miscellaneous

  23. Feedback Column (on e-Magazine)

Send in your articles, reports, essays, photographs, poetry, cartoons, short stories, humorous content, paintings or anything else that you would like to be portrayed through me. SHOUT BACK... at me...!!

I would like to know more about what my readers think and expect from me. Please feel free to chip in with your queries, complaints, compliments, suggestions or any other feedback. Healthy criticism is highly appreciated.

- The Student