Grievance Management System (GMS)

Grievance Redress Cell

It brings harmonious atmosphere in university by reordering or set in intact to the grievance received from time to time. Motto is to bring transparency, accountability, responsible and user friendly in the university. In a way it measures how effectively a system is working and provides important feedback to administration. It works for student and faculty centric than any individual.

Structure of Grievance cell

All the grievances relating to academics and non academics are to be redressed by concerned section/department/individual. Any individual who feels that he/she is denied of opportunity that he/she deserves and supposes to get but couldn’t get upon receiving such grievances, cell seeks written explanation and directs/ see that system is in order.
It receives grievances that judges before accepting it/ checks genuineness of complaint before forwarding to concerned section/individuals. The cell accepts only online grievances. On receiving, it will forward to concerned section/department/individuals for proper explanation, the status of complaint can be checked from time to time. If concerned section/department/individuals do not respond in a stipulated time i.e 7 to 15 days (from the time of receiving letter from grievance cell), then committee will recommend for action to Vice Chancellor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can lodge grievances?
Faculty and Students of RGUKT can lodge grievances.

Which grievances can be considered for accepting?
When faculty or student couldn’t get useful or acceptable solutions for their direct complaint from concerned department, they can submit online complaint by attaching appropriate document in the section provided in the online application.

How long a complaint can be resolved?
Based on nature of complaint where a rigorous search is needed, complaint will be disposed off within 10 days from the date receiving complaints

Is it possible to check status of complaint?
Yes, it is possible to check from time to time. The status shows Under Processing, Accepted and Resolved.